laminectomyLaminectomy is a decompression procedure performed as the most common treatment for spinal stenosis. The purpose of this procedure is to alleviate pressure on the nerves or spinal cord caused by spinal stenosis.

As we age, our spines suffer from degenerative changes. Disorders such as degenerative disc disease can ultimately lead to the narrowing of the spinal canal. Other conditions, including spine injuries, tumors, and herniated discs may also be responsible for triggering spinal stenosis.

Laminectomy is a proven method for freeing the spinal cord and nerves from this restriction. The world-renowned surgeons at Spinal Stenosis Center of Excellence are considered top experts in laminectomy, allowing them to provide the very best in Los Angeles Spinal Stenosis treatment.

What is Laminectomy?

Laminectomy is used to alleviate symptoms associated with spinal stenosis. The procedure is commonly performed to treat lumbar stenosis, but it may also be used to treat cervical stenosis. In a laminectomy, a small portion of bone and/or tissue is removed in order to free up the space around the nerve or spinal cord and eliminate any symptoms.

The operation is performed through an incision made in the mid-back. The back muscles are then separated off of the lamina to make the spinal region accessible. Once the surgeon can work around the back muscles, the corresponding lamina is removed, allowing complete visualization of the nerve roots. This is the laminectomy process.

Once the lamina is removed, the surgeon can identify and remove any obstructions to the nerve path. Facet joints, thickening tissue, and any possible bone growth can be properly trimmed or altered to eliminate pressure on the nerves or spinal cord. In some cases, spinal fusion surgery or a titanium coflex spinal implant is used after the laminectomy to help with spine stabilization.

A typical laminectomy patient will stay in the hospital for a day or so, depending on the case. The return to normal function and activity is largely dependent on the patient’s fitness and age prior to surgery, as well as participation in a rehabilitation program. It may take up to a couple months for a full return to activity.

When is Laminectomy Performed?

The laminectomy procedure is the most common type of surgical treatment for spinal stenosis. The surgeons at Spinal Stenosis Center of Excellence recommend that treatment for milder cases of spinal stenosis begin with non-surgical methods. When these conservative methods are proven ineffective in dealing with the symptoms of spinal stenosis, surgery is usually advised. A laminectomy is considered as an option if:

  • The spinal stenosis symptoms are restricting activity, normal function, and quality of life
  • The patient experiences changes in certain movements, such as walking
  • The patient has become “clumsy” when moving
  • The stenosis has impaired normal bowel or bladder control
  • Injections, medication, and therapy are used unsuccessfully

The laminectomy procedure and other types of spinal stenosis surgery are typically elective treatments. This means the patient will decide to undergo surgery when they believe the symptoms have become too severe to handle. However, surgeons may strongly recommend spinal stenosis surgery when they determine other treatments have not worked.

The results are typically favorable for patients after a laminectomy. This operation has been shown to provide significant relief in a variety of spinal stenosis cases. Since it is common for spinal stenosis symptoms to worsen with time and further degeneration, early detection and treatment of the condition is important. When severe, spinal stenosis can pose severe health risks and greatly affect the quality of life.

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