coflex-spineThe coflex interlaminar stabilization device is a new, minimally invasive treatment for moderate to severe lumbar stenosis. It is a highly advanced, non-fusion solution that utilizes a titanium implant for spine stabilization. This allows the patient to retain mobility after surgical decompression. The coflex spinal implant offers other advantages over traditional procedures, including a faster recovery time and less post-op pain.

The world-renowned experts at the Spinal Stenosis Center of Excellence are among the select few surgeons able to perform the coflex spinal implant procedure, making the Center the top choice for minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery in Los Angeles.

What is the Coflex Spinal Implant?

The coflex spinal device is a titanium implant that is used in conjunction with decompression surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a condition caused by the narrowing of the spinal canal due to mostly degenerative, age-related factors. When the spinal canal narrows, pressure is put on the nerves and spinal cord, causing pain and other adverse symptoms.

When a surgeon alleviates this pressure by performing a decompression procedure, the spine can destabilize and become insecure. Up until now, the standard solution for this was fusion surgery. Fusion is effective, but it does have limitations. The coflex spinal implant takes the place of the fusion procedure following decompression.

The coflex spinal implant is inserted through the same incision as the surgical decompression. It is implanted between adjacent lamina and attached to the laminar bone, which is the strongest part of the lower spine. Once in place, the coflex device secures the spinal column and keeps it healthy going forward.

Traditional fusion surgery fixes the individual bones together and eliminates any movement in between them. The coflex implant preserves the natural range of motion by reinforcing – not fusing – the bones, allowing patients to move and bend without the debilitating pain. The coflex implant is designed to support the entire spine, keeping it strong and helping it maintain normal function.

Benefits of the Coflex Spinal Implant

With its efficiency and simplicity of design, the coflex spinal implant represents the latest and greatest in medical technology. The coflex implant is intended to be a superior alternative to spinal fusion for stenosis. Some of the benefits of the coflex spinal implant device include:

  • Extremely high patient satisfaction rate
  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • Strong enough to support the spine without the need for fusion
  • Maintains motion and flexibility in the spine
  • Relief from spinal stenosis symptoms happens sooner and lasts longer
  • Faster recovery with less post-op pain
  • Shorter hospital stay

When compared to standard fusion surgery, the coflex spinal implant provides a much faster recovery, longer lasting symptom relief, and a fuller range of motion.

Who is a Candidate for the Coflex Spinal Implant?

The coflex interlaminar stabilization device is used in patients with moderate to severe lumbar stenosis. The coflex implant is designed for use in skeletally mature, L1-L5 lumbar stenosis patients. Eligibility also includes:

  • Moderate to severe functional impairment from the stenosis
  • Symptoms of leg, posterior, or groin pain
  • Back pain may or may not be present
  • Non-surgical treatment is ineffective in treating symptoms

Although the coflex interlaminar stabilization device can be a wonderful alternative to fusion in patients that are experiencing lumbar spinal stenosis, it may not be available in every case. It is important to discuss all treatment options with a spine expert like those at Spinal Stenosis Center of Excellence. The expert physicians at the Spinal Stenosis Center of Excellence are highly trained in determining the best available treatment for each individual spinal stenosis case.

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